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Welcome to Srinivasan Associates

Srinivasan Associates is the one and only A to Z building construction works. Here you will find answer for all type of building construction works. We solve all the requirement of houses which are made in a professional manner by licensed architects and engineers.

The proposed projects reflect the most popular style trends in home construction. Our service includes Water proofing treatment, Grouting work, Sealants, Epoxy coatings, Repair & Rehabilitation, Industrial flooring, Plumbing work, Anti-treatment work, General pest control, PVC flooring, Aluminium partition work, Painting work, Wooden work.

Water proofing treatment
  • New tank areas (floor and roof).
  • Building ground floor areas.
  • Toilet block areas.

Grouting works
  • Tank areas.
  • Building ground floor areas.
  • Concrete slap areas.
  • Building expansion joints
  • floor expansion joints
  • Wall cracks joint areas
Epoxy coatings
  • Industrial flooring areas
  • Show room flooring areas
  • And all type of flooring areas
Repairs & Rehabilitation
  • House building      
  • Complex building     
  • Industrial building
Anti-termite work
  • New building areas (all type of building areas)
  • Old building areas (all type of building areas)